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Natural Methods of Efficient Penis Growth - Some Tips for Complete Newbies - Get the Most from Your Penis Growth Program in the Minimum Time

Different natural methods, aimed at penis growth, have been around for centuries, so there is nothing principally revolutionary about them. This fact only proves how old the problem of penis growth actually is. In one way or another, male individuals, not satisfied with sizes of their manhood, wanted to achieve considerable penis growth from the time immemorial. On the other hand, the modern science of medicine and pharmacology made some considerable improvements to those traditional methods. The present-day penis growth products or/and exercises are used by thousands of male persons all over the country and in other parts of the world too. The modern medicine did do really good job!

Still the number of medications and penis growth methods and gadgets, which are promoted online and in traditional offline mass media, is huge. Any newbie should, naturally, feel confused and overwhelmed. Anyone, who starts a penis growth for the first time, should know the basics and be able to choose the method in the best way suitable for his problems and objectives. The basic principles are simple, but still any novice would come up with dozens of questions.

Just to begin with, we should caution you about the paramount importance of self-discipline and self-motivation. It goes without saying, that any practice, which does not give results immediately, requires a lot of patience in order to be a success. The same is true for penis growth techniques. In order to get the beneficial results you should master considerable patience and devotion to the task at hand, so to say! You have to be prepared for getting to your objective in a hard way, since the results will not appear for several weeks. The ability to persevere, to stay motivated enough, day after day, is a key factor of your success in the long run.

The impatient novices should also bear in mind that their desire to maximally speed-up penis growth might turn out to be rather perilous. All penis growth methods should be applied according to the recommended procedure. Otherwise you can overwork the vulnerable penis tissues and end up with permanent penis damage instead of the beneficial growth! The progress should be constant, but devoid from any possible kind of fanaticism, which would be potentially harmful.

All penis growth methods could be divided into two principal groups. The methods in the first group require some kind of device or special equipment. This group includes penile surgery, penile vacuum pumps and penis extenders. The second group includes so called natural methods. They do not require any special equipment and, consequently, are more affordable and available. This group includes natural herbal enhancement pills and penis growth exercises.

In case your objective is a healthy extended penis you should better stay away from penile surgery. This interventional penis growth method is, firstly, extremely expensive, and, secondly, potentially harmful to your health because of adverse after-surgery effects. Taking into consideration above-mentioned points, the penile surgery could not be recommended for cosmetic purposes. In fact the penile surgery does not make your penis actually grow. A surgeon will just severe so called ligament, which connects the base of your penis shaft with the pubic bone. Because of this ligament a part of your penis length is not visible, hidden inside your body. When the ligament is severed, the penis comes out for the total of its length and appears to become longer. Of course, technically it remains as it used to be. This operation can lead to such adverse after-effects as a lopsided erection, when penis gets erected at an odd angle, or even a pointing down erection, just imagine! The rehabilitation period is rather painful and costly too. As you see, penile surgery is an expensive, inefficient and unsafe method of penis growth.

From the point of view of penis growth the penile extenders (or stretchers, as they are referred to sometimes) are much more interesting than a surgery. A penile extender is a device, designed for application of a gentle, adjustable traction force to the stem of your penis in the direction of its head. The pulling pressure stimulates the cells of the penis stem tissues, and they began to multiply more energetically in the desired direction, trying to get away from the external pulling force. The penis tissues actually began to grow. It is understandable, surely, that the force should be very gentle, not to damage the tissues. So, the results cannot be seen immediately. The penis extender requires a couple of months or more of regular daily application to produce noticeable penis growth effect. On the other hand, it can be worn at night, while a user sleeps. This is a popular and very convenient strategy. The success of penis extender application depends on the brand you purchase. You should realize that cheap, budget models can be very uncomfortable and painful to wear. The quality of materials and craftsmanship of such models is inferior. So, if you do not want to pay considerable money for expensive, good quality penis extenders, you should better use totally free penis growth method of natural extension exercises!

Vacuum penis pumps are not meant for penis growth. Well, they are sometimes claimed to be as such in advertisement. But such promotion is purely hype. A vacuum penis pump will never add a fraction of an inch to you penis length. Such pumps are meant for people with erectile problems, who cannot achieve a hard, long-staying erection in a natural way. For penis growth purposes vacuum pumps are useless. They operate by creating an area of low air pressure around your penis stem. The low pressure attracts the blood into the penis vessels and erectile cavities; the blood is literally sucked into the penis. A user gets a huge erection. But as soon as he removes a special rubber stopping ring (it is placed at the penis base in order to trap the attracted blood volumes inside and preserve the erection), the erection is gone and the penis returns to its original size.

On the contrary to penis pumps and penile surgery, the natural penis extension exercises are a perfectly safe and absolutely free way of penis growth. Surely, you will need to purchase a good training video course on a DVD, to learn the correct practice. Also you will need some baby oil during your sessions. The rest depends on your discipline, patience and your crafty hands. In addition to penile extension exercises you should better introduce a healthy life style (no tobacco, drugs and alcohol, lots of fruit, vegetables and other wholesome food, regular visit to a fitness center) in combination with good quality of herbal sexual enhancement pills. Such a combination can speed up the process significantly. In this case your success in penis growth is guaranteed in the minimum possible time- if you are patient enough, of course!